CfEE Podcast Episode #3: Mergers in the Non-Profit Sector

August 11th, 2016

Mergers are the most integrated form of collaboration, where the governance of distinct organizations become legally linked. In 2014, two non-profit housing societies, Lookout Emergency Aid Society, based in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside and Keys Housing and Health Solutions, based out of Surrey, merged into a single entity. Continue reading

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CfEE Podcast Episode #2: The Cooperative Model in Employment Services

April 4th, 2016

Many of us are familiar with coops. Mountain Equipment Co-op, Vancity and the Kootenay Co-op are all examples. What makes co-ops different from other businesses? Co-ops are owned and controlled by the people who use their services. These services cross all economic sectors including financial, health, housing and the employment services delivered by the Fraser Works Co-operative, the subject of the Centre’s second podcast episode. Continue reading

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