CfEE Online Mini-Symposium: Translating Aboriginal Traditions to Employment

On January 19, 2016, the Centre hosted a two-hour online symposium, Translating Aboriginal Traditions to Employment.

The Centre welcomed a handful of knowledgeable and thoughtful individuals to perform and present at our first live streaming event, which was also one of our most well-attended online events to date. Thank you to all of our speakers and performers:

  • Elders Joe and Esther Calder
  • Shelley Joseph, Public Engagement Lead & Cultural Advisor, Reconciliation Canada
  • Paulette Seymour, Director of Employment Services, ACCESS
  • Moon Pellett, Employment Advisor, Open Door Group, Lillooet Work BC
  • Gudaad – Andrea Doolan, Case Manager, ACCESS DTES Work BC
  • Tracy Joseph, Employment Advisor, Lillooet Friendship Centre, Work BC

In addition to the general slide deck, there were a number of useful handouts attached to the event:

Finally, we would like to acknowledge Christine Buchanan, Director of Diversity and Disability Services at Open Door Group, for her instrumental coordination of this event. We would not have been able to host it without her! The full video recording is available below.


  1. This is a fantastic webinar! Thank you for weaving the human, professional, personal and spiritual so eloquently!

    • Thank you Wendy for attending and sharing this feedback. We were fortunate to have such fantastic guest speakers!

  2. Wow !! Inspired – to say the least. This webinar was hugely informative, and so very important. Inspired by all the courageous and strong women who shared their stories. A quote by one of the elders – ” In holding each others hands there is no room for harm ” This quote to me represents,equanimity. Thank you.

  3. I am thankful for the opportunity to attend and to learn from you all. It is now a year later and I carry this forward in my continued learning and sharing with others too.