CfEE Webinar: Essential Skills for Job Seekers

On June 23, Sue Grecki from SkillPlan and Valerie Lockyer and Mythra Lageux from the Training Group at Douglas College led a discussion on Essential Skills (ES) – an important area for employers, Career Development Practitioners and job seekers alike.

ES are used in nearly every job and throughout daily life in different ways and at varying levels of complexity. As stated by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC), they provide the foundation for learning all other skills and enable people to better prepare for, get and keep a job, and adapt and succeed at work. They are useful tools to assist practitioners in determining the job readiness levels of clients.

This webinar covers the nine Essential Skills, ES assessment of the unemployed, what we have learned from ES research, client success stories, and more. The full webinar recording can be viewed below. Sue’s presentation slides are available here and the link to Douglas College’s presentation can be accessed at this link. To get a taste of a (free) ES assessment, check out SkillPlan’s Measure Up, which matches skills from more than 200 occupations posted on ESDC’s Essential Skills site.