CfEE Webinar: Innovating for Employment Success of Internationally Trained Professionals

This month’s webinar reports on findings of the Innovating for Employment Success (IES) project that was recently completed by MOSAIC.

The IES project addresses the struggles of internationally-trained professionals (ITPs) in securing work in Canada that is to commensurate with their skills, experience and knowledge with which they come to the country. This project took an innovative approach with ITPs; it tested the impact of the application of Design Thinking to employer-generated projects on employment outcomes for ITPs.

Joan Andersen and Marina Gherman, from MOSAIC, and Natasha Bailey, a Coach and Organizational Development Consultant, shared what they learned from the IES project and participants. Watch the complete webinar below to learn strategies that might be useful in your work with ITPs.

To find out more about the IES Project, please click here. Click here for the presentation slide deck.