CfEE Webinar: Keep Learners Engaged – Showcase Skills Using MicroCredentials

This month’s webinar explores an innovative approach in keeping learners engaged through the use of micro-credentials, or digital badges.

Micro-credentials, or digital badges, are a new way to capture and communicate what an individual knows and can demonstrate; they represent more specific skills or achievements than most credentials issued in formal education systems. This webinar explores how micro credential badges can help learners to show what they know and can do.

Diana Twiss from Decoda Literacy Solutions breaks down the micro-credentials system, where learners can be awarded digital badges for the skills they have achieved. Literacy and Essential Skills badges are issued for each of the 4 levels of learning in the 6 domains of Community Adult Literacy Benchmarks currently used by adult literacy programs in BC. These badges range from reading, writing, math, IT, oral communications, participation, and more.

If you are interested in finding out more about digital badges, please check out Decoda Literacy Solutions’ video explaining what digital badges are (the 2nd below), or click here.