Learning, Training and Technical Assistance for Career Practitioners

Upcoming Opportunities:

For information about upcoming professional development and training opportunities, and to post information about opportunities, go to the Professional Development Hub for Career Development Practitioners.


The Canadian Council for Career Development (CCCD) and the Canadian Education and Research Institute for Counselling (CERIC) have published comprehensive listings of career development education programs available in Canada. The directories provide institution and program information, including entry requirements, practicum requirements, completion document, as well as website and contact information. As the information may change on a regular basis, we advise you to contact the institutions for up-to-date information about the respective programs.

• Directory of Career Development Education Programs in Canada (CERIC)
• How Do I Become a Career Development Practitioner? (CCCD)

BC-CDA Journals

The BC Career Development Association has published a series of journals that provide valuable information and advice to career practitioners in BC. Some of the topics include tips for career management and job search as well as career assessment resources. Journals are available for purchase online.

Career Developments (CCDF/CCCD)

Career Developments is a quarterly publication issued by Canadian Career Development Foundation (CCDF) and Canadian Council for Career Development (CCCD) that is available online. Each issue covers the current state of profession in the career development field, as well as updates on training, research, and evidence-based policy development for career practitioners.

ContactPoint (CERIC)

ContactPoint is an online community created by the Canadian Education and Research Institute for Counselling (CERIC) to provide support to career development professionals. Career practitioners may utilize this website to interact with other professionals working in the career development field, find up-to-date information on career-related workshops and conferences, and to learn more about training courses offered to career practitioners. The website contains reports, articles, forums, blog, webinars, course information and more.

Careering Magazine (CERIC)

Careering Magazine provides news and career-related information that are relevant to career practitioners in Canada. This is a resource that features articles, stories, updates as well as career-related event information for career practitioners. Launched in January 2013, the first issue covers topics on today’s economy, self-employment, distance learning, and more. The career briefs section of the magazine includes highlights from recently released reports and tools.

Assessment Guide for Career and Guidance Counselling (CERIC)

This guide is for career practitioners who want to enhance their understanding of assessment practices, and learn more about assessment and the assessment process. The guide includes information on guiding principles and ethics, assessment process, and considerations for assessment practices.

Taking Charge (SAVIE)

Taking Charge is an online self-assessment tool that is designed to help career practitioners in their professional development. This tool allows career practitioners to identify their competencies and develop a learning plan to improve on competency areas they need to work on. Career practitioners can register for free to use the tool.

Making Career Sense of Labour Market Information (ASPECT)

This guide is specially designed to help career practitioners understand labour market information (LMI) and use LMI effectively in their practice. The guide explains LMI topics such as how to use LMI with clients and how to use the data effectively that are of interest to career practitioners. The guide also includes quizzes, teaching tools and LMI information on international trends and special populations as well as additional LMI resources. The guide is especially useful for learning how to utilize different labour market sources and how to interpret LMI.

Unfortunately, this resource is no longer available. Please stay tuned for further information. 

Labour Market Information Product Guidelines / Service Delivery Guidelines (FLMM-LMI)

The Labour Market Information Product and Service Delivery Guidelines provide career practitioners with a framework for the development, dissemination, and the use of quality labour market information. The guidelines assist career practitioners in developing and delivering LMI services to their clients and ensure that the information is relevant to their target client groups. The Guidelines include information on how to develop, use, and deliver LMI in different situations and checklists to see whether their LMI service is in compliance with the guidelines. These two guidelines may be used together.

Core Competencies for Youth Service Professionals: Guiding Youth Toward Employment (National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability)

This guide provides synthesis of competencies for career practitioners who work with youth clients. The core competency areas such as knowledge, communication with youth, and workforce preparation that are identified in this guide help youth service practitioners in their professional development and further support their work with young people.

Career Counselor Technology Forum (CCTF)

CCTF is an online community where career development professionals can gather and share information and knowledge on technology tools that can be incorporated into their professional practice. Through the LinkedIn Group, practitioners can contribute to online discussions on technology, learn more about these tools and new practices, and stay up-to-date on technology trends. Career practitioners can join the “Career Counselor Technology Forum” on LinkedIn to become a member.


The following BC institutions offer career development education programs:

Douglas College (Career Development Practice Certificate Programs)

Douglas College (Employment Supports Specialty Advanced Certificate) **NEW**

Life Strategies Ltd.

Okanagan College

Simon Fraser University

University of British Columbia (Educational and Counselling Psychology, and Special Education)

University of British Columbia (Professional Development & Community Engagement)


Other BC institutions offering programs that may be of interest to those in the career development field:

Justice Institute of British Columbia


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