Provide a single coordination point for research to connect both the BC employment services sector and the employer community with the best and emerging information about employment and training programs, practices and resources.

The Centre will offer a Web site, articles, training and other opportunities to enhance knowledge and practice among its key stakeholders, with the aim of improving employment outcomes for all job seekers in BC.

To carry out its mission, the Centre aims to:

  • Offer the best and emerging evidence on employment programs and practices about what works to strengthen current and future employment policy, programs and practice;
  • Identify tools and offer technical assistance and training to effectively respond to the needs of the employment services sector and the employer community with respect to employment practices and labour market issues;
  • Design and test new and innovative approaches in employment and training, and promote the implementation of promising programs and practices; and
  • Develop a “community of practice,” a vibrant and ongoing exchange on available evidence, best practices, tools and technologies, and the sharing of experiences with the employment services sector and employer community.

The Centre will pursue constructive and meaningful engagements with stakeholders to identify key issues and priorities that are aligned with the mission of the Centre and BC’s Labour Market Strategy.


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