Name that Program!

One of the most common things we’ve heard in our conversations over the last couple of months is the need for a comprehensive listing of employment programs available to British Columbians.

Well, you’ve spoken and we’ve listened! We’re well underway on developing that resource, but we need your help.

Take a look at our current listing of programs here and comment below with any programs you’re aware of that aren’t in our database. We’ll take a look and add them to our program resources page.

Thanks for your contribution!


  1. It’s great to see this list coming together. Definitely a resource that will continue to grow as programs/services do.

    Life Strategies’ recently worked with the Immigrant Services Society of BC conducting a workshop for employer-focused program supporting the recruitment, retention, and inclusion of new immigrant interns within the workplace. It’s the Multicultural Achievement Program for Learning Employers (MAPLES; see This may be a good inclusion for the immigrant section of your list. I also wonder if an employer-focused tab would be helpful so some career practitioners. Bridging the gap between service providers and employers is just as important as bridging the gap between theory/research and practice.

    Also, although I’m only aware of it in Surrey (saw a newsblast about it over BCCDA’s listserv earlier today), there is an Urban Older Worker’s Program (see I’d assume there’d be some other service centres offering this, or similar programs, as well.

  2. Great resource full of useful information. Thanks for listing the Job Options Older Workers Program in Vancouver operated by the YWCA Metro Vancouver. The YWCA also runs the Job Options Older Workers Program and the Job Options Program in North Vancouver and the Job Options Program in Squamish.

  3. This is a great resource, well laid out and easy to read. I think that the opportunities fund should be listed for persons with disabilities.

    As well, perhaps more community resources that assist with finding and maintaining employment would also be useful.


  4. I don’t see any listings for Supported Employment service providers. This should certainly be found on the link for people with disabilities. There are 40-50 service providers around the province that provide these services through CLBC. Some can be found on the BC EmployNet website but CLBC woudl have the full list.

    Also, MSD funds a handful of programs titled: “Individualized Employment Supports for People with Specific Disabilities” I believe there are 11 agencies around the province providing this service.

    • Thanks Paket! If you haven’t already, please check out the BC Employment Program Hub (link at top right of this page), which includes more up-to-date BC Employment Program information in an easy-to-search format.