Launch of Five CfEE Research Projects on Youth Employment in British Columbia

The BC Centre for Employment Excellence is pleased to announce the five projects that will be funded under its research programme, Understanding Current Employment Programming and Services for BC Youth.

The Centre was impressed with the response to our Call for Proposals, and after a review process by a committee comprised of the CfEE Research Coordinator and external advisers, the following projects were selected on the strength of their ability to identify promising solutions that can inform policy and practice.

The research teams will present their findings at a one-day symposium in Vancouver in June involving researchers, practitioners and policy makers. The final research papers and summary report of the symposium discussion will be published on the Centre’s website in July.


Study of Demand-Led Labour Market Strategies to Improve Employment Outcomes for British Columbia Youth

Proponent: Tom Zizys

Evaluation of demand-led strategies for improving labour market outcomes for British Columbia youth. The study will involve a literature and data analysis of the labour market outcomes for BC youth, a review of best practices in demand-led workforce development and work experience programs, case studies of Canadian employers applying effective practices for grooming young workers for employment and career advancement, and the development of a series of recommendations regarding youth employment policies and practices for British Columbia.


Understanding Current Employment Programming and Services for Lower Mainland Youth Living with Mental Illness

Proponent: YMCA of Greater Vancouver

An exploratory research study involving three stakeholder groups in the BC Lower Mainland: youth living with mental illness, career development practitioners and employers. The study will utilize qualitative approaches, including face-to-face interviews and a focus group. Where possible, youth advocates will be involved in all elements of the project to ensure that youth perspectives are appropriately represented in the research findings.


The Value of Paid or Unpaid Short-term Work Placements for Refugee and Immigrant Youth

Proponent: MOSAIC

A research study that explores the role and value of paid or unpaid short-term work placements for refugee and immigrant youth participating in four employment programs in Vancouver, as well as the impact of findings on policy and service provision in British Columbia. The study will utilize qualitative approaches, including a focus group with participating program staff, in-depth interviews with immigrant and refugee youth, and employers providing work placements to the research participants.


Pathways to Success for Youth in BC’s Capital Region: The Power and Potential of Social Enterprise in High Demand Sectors

Proponent: Community Social Planning Council

The study will involve a data analysis of labour market trends to identify growth areas in the Capital Region, cases studies of youth social enterprises in BC and abroad, focus groups with regional organizations, key informant interviews with employers in high-demand industries, and convening regional stakeholders to test potential social enterprise concepts for providing employment opportunities to youth.


Negotiating the Barriers to Employment:  Vulnerable BC Youth’s Experiences and Recommendations

Proponent: McCreary Centre Society

A participatory research study where youth from vulnerable groups will help identify barriers in finding, accessing and maintaining employment, as well as offering examples of promising practices and suggestions for improving access to the labour market. The study will involve focus groups, surveys, and case studies involving youth from marginalized populations across British Columbia who have successfully overcome barriers to employment.


For queries about this project or other research activities being undertaken by the BC Centre for Employment Excellence, please contact Shawn de Raaf, the CfEE Research Coordinator.


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