Assistive Technology Creates Opportunities in the Workplace

Assistive Technology is any item, piece of equipment, software, or product system that helps a person with a disability complete tasks and activities. These technologies enable individuals to perform functions that they otherwise are unable to accomplish or have difficulties accomplishing, thereby promoting greater independence.

Technology@Work is a new program that provides employers and people with disabilities the opportunity to acquire Assistive Technology to help individuals overcome disability-related barriers in the workplace.

Who is eligible for the Technology@Work Program? Employers who employ people with disabilities and individuals with disabilities who are already employed, self-employed, volunteering or are about to start a new work opportunity can access Technologoy@Work. The program aims to help individuals and their employers determine and acquire the correct Assistive Technology that meets the needs of the individual and their work situation.

The Technology@Work team works with employers, employees and volunteers across British Columbia to help them obtain the best Assistive Technology equipment as well as provide training if needed. The Technology@Work Program also provides an extensive resource centre for employers and businesses who are interested in creating a more accessible worksite or that need expertise in Assistive Technology.

If you are a career development practitioner, an employer or person with a disability looking for Assistive Technology to help create a more inclusive working environment, contact Neil Squire Solutions for more information on the Technology@Work Program. Contact and program information are below.

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