Changing the Way Businesses Think about Hiring People with Autism

For close to a decade, Specialisterne has established human resources practices that have successfully supported the engagement of both people with autism and employers in meaningful employment opportunities.

They have also brought value to businesses and removed barriers to once overwhelmingly inaccessible industries and careers.

Originally founded in Denmark, Specialisterne now operates in 11 countries around the world. Specialisterne Canada launched its Canadian operations in November 2013, with its headquarters in Toronto and offices in Vancouver and Quebec.

SpecialisterneSpecialisterne Canada is structured into two organizations – an IT consulting company that employs people with autism and contracts them out to businesses, and a not-for-profit organization that recruits, trains, and supports people with autism for positions either with their consulting firm or with their business clients, focusing on helping employers understand the talent of people with autism and building operational capacity to leverage this talent.

Specialisterne is a social enterprise with very big ambitions. Typically, Specialisterne has focused in the IT sector, but its intent in Canada is to expand the model to be inclusive of other sectors.

Specialisterne Canada’s start-up pilot project in Vancouver is recruiting six to eight positions on behalf of its first Canadian Corporate client, SAP Canada, a subsidiary of SAP AG and a worldwide leader in business management software. As Kristen Sutton, vice president and managing director of SAP Labs Canada, noted, “This is much more than an altruistic venture. We have already seen through successful pilot projects in India and Ireland how the employment of people with diverse talents, including people with autism, can offer us a new way of thinking and bring value to our business.”

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