Decoda Literacy Solutions Provides Literacy Resources That Can Help Your Clients

Did you know that over 150,000 British Columbians aged 25 to 54 have not graduated from high school and 600,000 adults do not have the literacy and essential skills they need to achieve their goals, to function and to thrive in the modern economy, and to develop their knowledge and potential?

Decoda Literacy Solutions – formed in 2012 from a union of two of BC’s most influential literacy organizations, Literacy BC and 2010 Legacies Now – is the leading literacy organization in British Columbia. Employment agencies can refer clients to one of Decoda Literacy Solutions’ programs by contacting their local literacy outreach coordinator. To identify the literacy outreach coordinator in your community, browse this list.


With more than 30 years’ experience, Decoda Literacy Solutions is working to achieve local literacy goals and to build vibrant and resilient communities, successful individuals and sustainable businesses. Through a network of 102 community task groups, Decoda partners with and funds a variety of literacy programs, community groups and organizations that support literacy and learning in more than 400 communities across the province.

Each task group is represented by one or more literacy outreach coordinators who work with their community stakeholders to identify and meet local literacy priorities for adults, children and families.

Together with local literacy organizations, school districts, businesses and community leaders, the literacy outreach coordinators develop and implement plans that help strengthen individuals and their communities.

Across the province, task groups are responding to the nonformal learning needs of adults, children, families, the workplace and communities. An estimated 154,000 people participated in Decoda-supported programming last year.

For more information about Decoda Literacy Solutions, go to their website or contact Mike Leland, Director of Communications.