A Unique Program from the Neil Squire Society Provides Free Online Computer Tutoring for Persons with Disabilities

The Neil Squire Society’s Distance Computer Comfort Program has helped dozens of people.

This article was submitted by Alexi Thomas, Manager of Communications at the Neil Squire Society.

The Neil Squire Society a national not-for-profit organization in Canada that for over 28 years has empowered Canadians with physical disabilities through the use of computer-based assistive technologies, research and development, and various employment programs.

One of the programs is a unique, basic computer skills course for individuals across Canada with physical disabilities, called the Distance Computer Comfort Program. We need your help so we can sustain this valuable program that changes the lives of individuals with physical disabilities.

Below is an inspiring video about Jack, an individual who recently completed the Distance Computer Comfort Program.

Jack has visual and hearing impairments. He came to the Neil Squire Society looking to learn the required computer skills to help him get a job. Jack lives in Penticton, British Columbia, but the Distance Computer Comfort Program provides him with online classroom accessibility so that he, as well as other individuals across Canada, can learn from their own homes.

According to Jack, “The program made me more confident in what I’m doing knowing I have a life again.”

The Neil Squire Society has helped thousands of people with physical disabilities just like Jack do what so many of us take for granted every day: use a computer. With the Distance Computer Comfort Program, if someone can’t go to the Neil Squire Society, the Neil Squire Society can go to them through this free online learning program.

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More information about this important program can be found here.

There are dozens of success stories from this program. Here are a few quotes from participants, volunteers, and partners that stand out:

 “This program was life changing because I felt so secluded. Computers have opened up my world.”Diane, Distance Computer Comfort Participant, Guelph, Ontario.

“It gives a boost in confidence, hope, and self-esteem.” Canadian Society for Social Development, Program Partner.

“As long as they run the program, they’ll have me as a volunteer.” – Staci, Distance Computer Comfort Volunteer, Salt Spring Island, British Columbia.