Free Webinar: Innovating for Employment Success of Internationally Trained Professionals

Date/Time: Tuesday, February 28, 2017, 12:00pm – 1:00pm PST

Presenters: Joan Andersen and Marina Gherman, MOSAIC, and Natasha Bailey, Coach and Organizational Development Consultant

Internationally-trained professionals (ITPs) continue to struggle with securing work in Canada that is commensurate with the skills, experience and knowledge with which they come to the country.

This webinar will report on the Innovating for Employment Success (IES) project that was recently completed by MOSAIC. This project took a very different approach to working with ITPs. It project tested the impact of the application of Design Thinking to employer-generated projects on employment outcomes for ITPs.

Find out what MOSAIC learned and what might be useful for your work with ITPs by joining us for this one hour webinar.

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Joan Andersen is the Director of Employment and Language Services at MOSAIC. MOSAIC is a multi-lingual, multi-service provider in Metro Vancouver that empowers newcomers and facilitates their meaningful participation in Canadian society.  MOSAIC has a long history of working with ITPs through, among other programs, the Skills Connect for Immigrants Program and the Employment Program of BC.  Joan was one of the creators of the IES project and directed its implementation. Joan has a Masters of Industrial Relations from the University of Toronto and a Masters of Library Science from UBC.

Natasha Bailey is a researcher, coach and organizational development consultant who has been working in the non-profit sector since the start of her career 16 years ago.  Her work is focused on developing and implementing innovative processes in a range of contexts, including: evaluation framework development, quality assurance benchmarking, and funding proposal development. She also leads research projects on a regular basis, emphasizing participatory action research methods.  Natasha was the lead researcher on the IES project.

Marina Gherman is the Coordinator of two of the new Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants Programs at MOSAIC and was the Coordinator of IES.  She holds a Bachelor Degree in International Relations and has several years’ experience coordinating projects in both private and non-profit sectors from initiation and planning stages to implementation, monitoring, evaluation and completion.