Free Webinar: Strategies to Support Refugees’ Economic Integration

Date/Time: Tuesday, May 24, 2016, 12pm – 1pm PST

Hosted by: BC Centre for Employment Excellence

Over many decades, Canada has welcomed countless displaced and persecuted people in need of protection and security, and provided them with an opportunity to rebuild their lives. In late 2015 and early 2016 alone, Canada welcomed 25,000 Syrian refugees.

Many refugees encounter issues around cultural adaptation, labour market integration and English language proficiency. Are we ready to support their journey to economic independence in their new country? This webinar is an opportunity to look at what has worked before, as well as explore strategies that will lead to meaningful economic integration of refugees.

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Rupinder Malhotra was a high school teacher in India before she moved to Canada. With a Bachelor’s degree in Math and Education, she has always been interested in the Service industry because of her passion to guide and connect people to a better future.

After working in Customer Service Rupinder reinvented her career in Reception and Administration and started working as a Program Assistant at DIVERSEcity in 2008. There, Rupinder discovered her true career goal of helping and empowering new immigrants with career challenges. Rupinder soon completed the Career Development Practitioner program at Douglas College and started working as an Employment Counsellor in 2013.

Her job is her passion and she wants to continue providing career guidance to newcomers in a variety of professions. She says if you have the 2 A’s then everything is possible: The right ATTITUDE and being ADAPTABLE.

Bidya Singh immigrated to Canada from Fiji Islands in 1998 where she had two years of high school teaching experience and several years of experience working for an International Airline. Upon arriving in Canada, Bidya was faced with the same hurdles as any other immigrant. After completing a job search program at DIVERSEcity she started her first job as a volunteer in the ELSA program which led to an Administrative Assistant position in the Employment Department.

It has been 15 years since and she has worked in a variety of programs in various positions including: Career/Employment Counsellor, Facilitator, Administrator, and Program Coordinator. Currently she is employed as a Case Manager at a WorkBC Employment Services Centre. Bidya holds a Bachelor of Arts, a Diploma in Education and CDP Certificate. She is also a certified MBTI and Personality Dimension Facilitator.

Bidya loves working with people and making differences in their lives.