Introducing the BC Centre for Employment Excellence

The BC Centre for Employment Excellence (the Centre) is an independent research and knowledge sharing organization whose mission is to coordinate the best and emerging evidence about employment practices, programs and policy, and to disseminate and promote research into practice for its key stakeholders, in particular employment service providers and employers.

The Centre’s work also has a focus on four populations of interest; Aboriginal people, immigrants, people with disabilities and youth.

The concept of a provincial centre to support the research and information needs of the employment services sector emerged during the Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation’s consultations about the EPBC model. In the Centre’s discussions with organizations and practitioners, many individuals echoed the Ministry’s rationale for creating the Centre and identified the need for a “go-to-place” for up-to-date information on research and innovation.

The Centre is a natural complement to the Employment Program of British Columbia (EPBC), a one-stop employment program. EPBC includes self-serve job search services, as well as client needs assessment, case management and other employment service options for those needing more individualized services, to prepare for, find and maintain sustainable employment.

In this story, we meet the team and find out more about the Centre – what it offers, what it has achieved and why those in the employment field are paying attention and getting involved.