New Initiative: The Disability Confident Companies in Vancouver

The BC Centre for Employment Excellence (the Centre) is pleased to be launching a new initiative, The Disability Confident Companies in Vancouver, which will showcase selected businesses that have implemented inclusive practices for individuals with disabilities. 

What is Disability Confidence? According to New Zealand at Work, it is thinking about the needs of people with a disability when designing products and services, and when creating employment opportunities.

The Centre will identify appropriate research methodologies to develop criteria for selecting companies that are disability confident and will be in contact with companies that are working positively towards building an inclusive workforce. Identifying employers that are disability confident will underscore their commitment to diversity and inclusiveness and encourage other employers to demonstrate their own values and innovation. The Centre plans to acknowledge the businesses at an event that highlights inclusive employment.

The Centre will explorDisability-Confidencee ways to share this knowledge and experience with other businesses to encourage an inclusive environment for all. For example, it will work to secure a media partner to showcase this inaugural list of top disability confident businesses.

For queries about this project, or to refer Vancouver businesses that would be good candidates for this project, please contact Karen Lai, consultant for the Centre, at This social innovation project is funded by the Vancouver Foundation.