A Recap of the Partners in Innovation Symposium

On May 30, 2017 the BC Centre for Employment Excellence hosted the Partners in Innovation Symposium. The symposium was part of the Centre’s mandate to strengthen the bridge between knowledge to action in order to inform policy and cultivate evidence-based practice.

The symposium showcased Research & Innovation (R&I) projects that vary in scope, research objectives, target population and methodologies including experiments, comparison groups, inquiries and case studies. Together they combine to foster a culture of innovation that encourages creativity and knowledge-building in the employment services sector.

The symposium brought together many of the Community and Employer Partnership R&I project holders for the first time to share their projects and exchange information beyond the perimeters of the project partners. There were over 100 engaged practitioners, researchers, government employees and others in attendance who each contributed their own expertise to the event and various dialogues throughout the day.

The symposium’s guest speakers have been generous in their willingness to share their presentation slide decks, which can be accessed below: