New CfEE research study: Understanding Current Employment Programming and Services for Youth

The BC Centre for Employment Excellence is pleased to be launching a new research project on the challenges that BC youth face in the labour market, as well as innovative strategies for addressing them.

The study will involve a call for papers to be issued in November that will invite researchers to submit proposals to explore youth employment barriers from a variety of angles, and to identify promising solutions for such issues as supporting youth who are entering the labour market or helping them find work that is a better match for their skills.

The papers produced through this research program will be presented at a symposium in Spring 2014 involving stakeholders from a wide variety of perspectives, including researchers, practitioners, policy makers and other subject matter experts. The papers as well as the symposium will inform the broader community with new insights into the current state of research on youth employment service delivery. The Centre will publish the papers as well as the proceedings of the workshop on its website in June 2014.

For queries about this project or other research activities being undertaken by the BC Centre for Employment Excellence, please contact Shawn de Raaf, the CfEE Research Coordinator.

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