Research & Innovation

Click on the links below to learn more about our completed and ongoing research projects.

[maxbutton id=”8″ text=”Youth Employment Social Enterprises” url=”/research-innovation/youth-employment-social-enterprises”] Pilot project that is evaluating the role of Employment Social Enterprises (ESEs) in supporting labour market transitions for BC youth facing barriers to developing their career potential.
[maxbutton id=”8″ text=”BC Partners in Workforce Innovation” url=”/research-innovation/bc-partners-in-workforce-innova”] Pilot project that is examining the effectiveness of a coordinated, demand-side focused approach in meeting the needs of both employers and job seekers with disabilities.
[maxbutton id=”5″ text=”CDP Mentorships” url=”/research-innovation/mentoring-partnerships-pilot-for-cdps”] Pilot project that is evaluating the effectiveness of a formal mentorship program in supporting career development practitioners (CDPs) in BC
[maxbutton id=”5″ text=”Inclusive Employment” url=”/research-innovation/speie”] Pilot project that is exploring the use of an online mapping tool to share positive employment experiences of individuals with developmental disabilities in BC
[maxbutton id=”5″ text=”Youth Employment” url=”/research-innovation/youth-employment/”] CfEE series of research papers on Understanding Current Employment Programming and Services for BC Youth
[maxbutton id=”5″ text=”Skills Requirements” url=””] Skill Requirements for BC’s Career Development Practitioners: An Exploratory Study (PDF report)
[maxbutton id=”5″ text=”Environmental Scan” url=””] Environmental Scan of Employment Programs in BC (PDF report)
[maxbutton id=”5″ text=”Accessible Services” url=””] Accessible Services for Specialized Populations in One-stop Employment Models: Learning from Other Jurisdictions (PDF report)
 [maxbutton id=”8″ text=”Employment Navigator Project” url=””] Pilot project explores how best to support tenants in supportive housing to increase their employability skills and help them improve their quality of life (PDF infographic)
[maxbutton id=”5″ text=”Biz Hub” url=”/research-innovation/biz-hub”] Pilot project that tests an original model supporting business process improvements in organizations that deliver employment services to specialized populations in BC