Understanding Barriers to Employment & Employment Program Participation for Lower Mainland Youth Living with Mental Illness

Prepared for the Centre by the YMCA of Greater Vancouver, this study explores first-hand experiences of youth living with mental illness (YLMI) as well as the perspectives ofcareer development practitioners and employers who have experience supporting and employing YLMIs.

YMCA of Greater Vancouver - Understanding barriers to employment & employment program participation for Lower Mainland youth living with mental illnessThe study aims to identify whether youth living with mental illness, those who provide them with services, and those who employ them, have a common understanding of the barriers to employment that come with mental illness in young job seekers.

As an exploratory study, this research represents a first step at understanding the nature of the challenges faced by YLMIs in the labour market — specifically in BC’s Lower Mainland — as well as some initial insights into how these challenges can be addressed. As the authors note, “It is hoped that the findings from this study will help identify promising avenues for working with this population, as well as options for new programming or for adapting current programming to better suit the needs of all stakeholders involved.”

The full paper can be downloaded here (PDF)

The authors will be presenting an overview of their research findings during a CfEE webinar on Wednesday, September 24, 2014. Click through to register for this free event.

This paper is one of five studies published by the Centre on various topics concerning youth employment under our research programme, Understanding Current Employment Programming and Services for BC Youth.

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