Attracting, Retaining and Integrating Skilled Immigrants: An Analysis of Canada’s Leading Employers

About the study

This study analyzed employer practices of those organizations that have taken steps to develop and implement ways to attract, retain, and integrate skilled immigrants at work. Applications of winners and top candidates from the Best Employers for New Canadians competition (2010) were reviewed, supplemented by informant interviews. The study reported trends in employer practices and made recommendations for employers based on the findings.


What can be learned from this study?

• 70 percent (28 out of 40) of employers implemented recruitment practices to attract and hire skilled immigrants, while about half of the employers (22 out of 40) conducted foreign credential recognition.

• More than half of the employers provided mentoring programs and internships for skilled immigrants, and diversity training for their employees.

• Less than half supported language training (42.5 percent) and skills upgrade (35 percent).

• Many employers implemented religious diversity practices. For majority of employers, rationales for engaging in practices for skilled immigrants were social justice, reputation, and a business case.


What method(s) did the study use?

Analyses of employer applications (2010 Best Employers for New Canadians competition) and interviews