Improving the Participation of Under-Utilized Talent of People with Disabilities in the Canadian Labour Market

This research publication is about identifying policies, programs and employment programs to promote the inclusion of people with physical disabilities in the workforce.

This publication is targeted at three audiences: vocational rehabilitation and employment service providers; employers; and business leaders and policy decision makers. The key findings of this publication are the following:

  • Vocational rehabilitation and employment service providers need to have effective vocational skill development and employment programs to improve outcomes for people with disabilities. For example, they should be focused on matching the skill set of people with physical disabilities with the current labor market demands.
  • Employers need to have greater disability awareness and a strong commitment to disability and diversity within the workplace from senior management. For employers, it suggests that their awareness and knowledge about workers with disabilities needs to be improved to debunk prevailing misconceptions about safety and productivity or the costs of accommodations.
  • There is a need for a cross-pollination of knowledge and experiences to improve the inclusion of people with physical disabilities at work. For example, there needs to be better communication between clients, service providers, and government to promote inclusive programs and policies for employers, improve service delivery, and promote the dissemination of best practices.

This research publication is applicable to both practitioners and employers as it provides some key recommendations for the three target audiences for promote the inclusion of people with physical disabilities in the workforce.