Leveling the Playing Field: Attracting, Engaging, and Advancing People with Disabilities

This report takes a comprehensive look at the business case for employing people with disabilities and details the steps companies can take to change their hiring practices to promote a more inclusive workforce.

The report’s key objectives are to raise awareness of people with disabilities among top diversity and human resources leaders; and to serve as a resource for those interested in helping companies employ people with disabilities.

This report addresses four key questions that employers may have:

  1. The business case – is it advantageous for organizations to employ people with disabilities?
  2. Organizational readiness – What should organizations do to create a workplace that helps people with disabilities thrive and advance?
  3. Measurement – How can success for both people with disabilities and the organization be determined?
  4. Self-disclosure – How can people with disabilities, especially those whose disabilities are not obvious, be encouraged to identify themselves so that they can receive resources, and their outcomes can be measured?

In addition to answering these four questions in-depth, the report examines the global landscape and what the future holds for the employment of people with disabilities.

Employers will find this report helpful as it examines successful strategies and initiatives that can help them achieve their goals of diversifying their workforce. Such examples may include developing an employee resource group, partnering with employment agencies specializing in employment of people with disabilities, or imbedding disability awareness training into the staff training.