The Impact of LMI on the Career Decision-Making Process

About the study

This study analyzed the impact labour market information (LMI) has on the career development process. The review of relevant literature shows the importance of LMI on the career-decision making process, and provides insight into how the information is conveyed.

What can be learned from this study?

• Overall, the use of computer-assisted programs had positive impacts on career decision-making as job seekers found it useful in obtaining LMI.

• While computer-assisted programs were helpful for all job seekers, using computer-assisted programs with a counsellor increased their effectiveness.

• Simpler LMI yielded better results as job seekers are able to process the information more easily.

• Job seekers who had access to more and better quality LMI were more successful in finding employment with higher pay.

What method(s) did the study use?

Review of relevant literature