TRIEC Training Videos

TRIEC offers Finding Talent, Integrating Talent, and Cross-Cultural Teamwork training videos that are relevant to employers who are interested in hiring immigrants. Career practitioners may also use the training videos to assist their immigrant clients prepare for work.

Finding Talent

The Finding Talent videos provide employers with advice on how to recruit and hire skilled immigrants. Topics include screening resumes, conducting interview, and other challenges employers face when hiring immigrants such as accent and colloquialism.

Integrating Talent

The Integrating Talent videos help employers implement training programs to help immigrants successfully integrate at work. Episodes focus on immigrant employee orientation, manager-employee relations, performance review, and retention.

Cross-Cultural Teamwork

The Cross-Cultural Teamwork videos help employers understand cultural differences and minimize cultural misunderstandings with their immigrant employees. Career practitioners may want to share these situational videos with their immigrant clients. The videos focus on topics such as communication barriers, team discussions, and religious diversity.