Employers’ Toolkit: Making Ontario Workplaces Accessible to People With Disabilities

The Conference Board of Canada partnered with the Accessibility Directorate of Ontario’s EnAbling Change program to develop a toolkit that is designed “to help employers tap into a vibrant and underutilized labour pool—people with disabilities.” It provides “practical advice to … Continue reading

Business Benefits of Accessible Workplaces

This briefing focuses on the benefits and returns that accrue when organizations invest in accessible employment practices. This article is aimed at helping businesses to be more accessible for people with disabilities. While it discusses many ideas from the Accessibility … Continue reading

Understanding the Value, Challenges, and Opportunities of Engaging Métis, Inuit, and First Nations Workers

Addresses the challenges employers face when engaging Aboriginal workers in Canada. Employers who are willing to learn more about Aboriginal population in Canada and want to hire and train Aboriginal people may find this report useful, as the report provides a good overview of Aboriginal employment in Canada. Continue reading

Immigrant-Friendly Businesses – Effective Practices for Attracting, Integrating, and Retaining Immigrants in Canadian Workplaces

Provides employers who are interested in hiring immigrants with different approaches to attracting, integrating, and retaining immigrant talent. The report addresses challenges employers face in attracting and retaining immigrants, and how employers can implement programs to help immigrants integrate at work. Continue reading

Business Critical: Maximizing the Talents of Visible Minorities – An Employer’s Guide

Provides Canadian businesses with diversity strategy and tools for creating a more inclusive workplace and maximizing the talents of visible minorities. The guide includes research of successful practices, instructions on how to develop a diversity strategy, and approaches to hiring visible minorities. Continue reading