Have your say: The BC Employment Program Hub

After many months of design and testing, we are thrilled to launch the BC Employment Program Hub! The need for such a resource was made very clear during many of the Centre’s initial consultations throughout the province as well as from the Environmental Scan of Employment Programs in BC research study.

Thank you to those who took the time to attend our September 19th live webinar. The full recording of the webinar, which includes a short demonstration of the program hub, is available below.

We built the tool with the practitioner in mind; it is designed for you to input some key information about a client to produce a list of programs that may be suitable for him or her. However, one of the things we’ve been reminded of through this development process is that the array of programs, services and eligibility requirements is very complex, as they can differ from funder to funder and program to program. We were definitely challenged to come up with a tool that was quick and easy to use, but sophisticated enough to account for all variations in the way that employment programs are structured across the province.

That said, we are very eager to receive your feedback on the program hub. As always, we encourage you to leave comments and ask questions below. If you have a question, chances are that at least one other person has the same question!