Have your say: Evidence-Based Practices Promoting Inclusion and Customized Employment for Individuals with Disabilities

In February’s webinar, Dr. Paul Malette, Clinical Director at CBI Consultants, introduced Customized Inclusive Employment and provided an overview of evidence-based practices for participants.

Wow! Interest in this month’s webinar was truly overwhelming. Thanks to all those who took time out of their day to participate. For those who attempted to register after capacity was reached, and for anyone else interested in viewing the webinar, the video recording is below.

You’ll notice near the end of the video that there were quite a few questions for Paul. Do you have a question or comment that was not addressed? Ask away! Paul is happy to answer any further inquiries about his presentation or Customized Employment in general.

For a PDF copy of the presentation slides, click here. Information on CBI’s training resources can be viewed here. Additional Customized Employment resources can found in the PDF slides above (fourth last slide.)