Have your say: Customized Employment Innovations – Application in Practice

For its first online mini-symposium, the Centre was very pleased to welcome speakers from three organizations with experience in the delivery of customized employment services in a number of BC communities.

An earlier webinar on evidence-based practices promoting inclusion and customized employment for individuals with disabilities was one of the highest attended to date so it was only fitting to organize our first online mini-symposium on the topic of customized employment.

We owe a very big thank you to the speakers from the three presenting organizations, Alejandra Dominguez and Darcie Davidson of Vancouver Island Vocational Rehabilitation Services, Cynthia Abbott and Renée Mino of Back in Motion and Christine Buchanan of Open Door Group. Without their contributions, the session would not have been possible.

Due to the length of the session and some technical difficulties we encountered in converting the recording, the presentation is broken into chunks. For those of you that missed it, hopefully you will find it easier to view the recordings at your own pace. The slide deck of the full presentation is available for download here.