Have your say: Discovering the Entrepreneurial Spirit – The Pathway to Self-employment for your Clients

For our final webinar of 2013, the Centre teamed up with the BC Career Development Association (BCCDA) to tackle the topic of self-employment. Sylvia Metz of BCCDA and Family Services of Greater of Vancouver, and Dave Schulte of Langara College’s Self Employment Program dropped by our office to deliver an engaging presentation.

The full webinar recording is available below and you can click here for a copy of the presentation slides.

Self employment may be an option to a number of your clients. Do you have a question that Sylvia or Dave might be able to shed some light on? Perhaps you have an experience guiding clients down the self-employment path that resulted in success or provided important lessons. We would love to hear from you.


  1. A question that came in at the end of the session:
    What are the options for non-EI eligible clients interested in SE Programs?

    • The answer is yes. We can take fee paying clients into the SE program.
      We haven’t formally accepted any non EI or non Opportunities Fund clients thus far, but there is nothing preventing us from doing so. Langara needs to create a formal registration process and set the pricing for it and we can begin to accept fee paying clients into the program.