Have your say: Making Sense of Career Labour Market Information (LMI)

In this webinar, Denise Lloyd, founder of Engaged HR and a co-author of the Making Career Sense of Labour Market Information guide, shares some intriguing concepts and resources to apply LMI in real world situations in order to improve the career development process.

Thanks to Denise for sharing her insights and experience with our audience. If you were not able to attend the live presentation or wish to review it, you can watch the full recording below as well as download the accompanying slides and handout.

Our poll at the beginning of the webinar suggested that over three quarters of the audience spend at least a few hours per week sourcing LMI and during the Q&A, some participants asked for specific LMI resources. The Labour Market Navigator Tool is a good place to start for BC LMI but one participant wanted to know:

What resources out there have hiring rates for various trades training programs?

Do you have any suggestions for this practitioner? Do you have “go-to” LMI resources that others may not be aware of? Please let us know by sharing in the comments section below!