Have your say: Skill Requirements for BC’s Career Development Practitioners

Thanks again to all who were able to join us for our June 10th webinar: Skill Requirements for BC’s Career Development Practitioners. If you were not able to make it, please see below for a recording of the full webinar. And if you have not had a chance to view the report, you can find that here. The presentation slides can be accessed here.

We were extremely pleased to see that so many career development practitioners and others interested in learning more about the research study were able to tune in. At the conclusion of Roberta and Deirdre’s presentation, we fielded a few questions.

Do you have a question that was not addressed during the webinar? We would love to hear from you so don’t be shy; let’s continue the conversation!

One Comment

  1. Great webinar. Effective Career Development Practitioners are those that know how to do needs assessments well, savvy of the various barriers to employment, and highly resourceful.