Our Team

Susanna Lui Gurr, BSc, MA – Managing Director

Susanna has been a Research Director and Chief Privacy Officer at SRDC for the past 20 years. Her experience with social and health issues spans many areas, including employment and income assistance. She is very excited about the work at the Centre and its potential to help move knowledge into employment practice.

Shawn de Raaf, MA – Research Coordinator

Shawn has been a senior researcher at SRDC for over a decade, covering a wide range of topics related to employment and income security. He most recently helped lead the design and evaluation of CareerMotion, a research study that examined the effectiveness of providing online career information to post-secondary graduates in BC. He is eager to engage with employers and the employment services sector across the province to ensure that the Centre is providing timely, high-quality research that meets their needs.

Greg Lockwood, BASc, MA – Stakeholder Coordinator

Greg has acquired an in-depth knowledge of the Employment Program of British Columbia in his two years working with service providers across the province. Along the way, he developed a keen interest in the BC labour market and employment services. He looks forward to building collaborative relations with the Centre’s key stakeholders via a wide variety of in-person and online channels.


The Centre builds on the expertise of the research staff within SRDC and The Training Group at Douglas College to develop and deliver high-quality training and provide technical assistance.



A Steering Committee comprising experts with extensive knowledge of BC’s employment and labour market policies, programs, practices and institutions will be established to provide advice on the research content and services to be provided.

SRDC’s President, Jean-Pierre Voyer, and its Board of Directors, provide general oversight over the development of the Centre and monitor its finances.