The Face-to-Face Project: A Step in the Right Direction

Shayne is 23. He has cerebral palsy but that does not stop him from being a very active guy. He’s currently attending school part-time and he’s thinking of going into computer technical support, or maybe gaming. In the meantime, he just wants a decent job with a decent income.

Shayne was recruited for the Face-to-Face Project, which fills the need to find creative solutions that improve labour market integration for youths with disabilities, bringing them together with employers willing to take these job seekers through a mock interview. For employers it’s also an opportunity to increase their awareness about the benefits of connecting with and hiring youth with disabilities.

Get to know Shayne and the two employers he met, Kelsey and Julie, in the video below, A Step in the Right Direction.

The Face-to-Face Project is an initiative of the Centre with financial support from the Vancouver Foundation’s Disability Supports for Employment Fund.